For Sale – Flintknapping

All flintknapped points, knives, and other items are handcrafted using traditional techniques which include the use of antler billets and stone tools.

As items become available for sale they will be posted here.


JUST completed!  

This beautiful handmade flintknapped knife boasts

a polished, antler handle and a

translucent midnight lace obsidian blade.

The blade is secured with pine pitch and deer sinew.

Bob Estep - Midnight lace obsidian blade 75


This piece has been purchased as a Christmas gift!

Would you like to commission a one of a kind, handmade work of art?

Each knife is unique, crafted from various stone with different colors,

markings, and translucency.

Handles can be made from antler or wood.

Contact Bob at or 423-772-4772



For Sale – Flintknapping — 1 Comment

  1. I recently visited the shop at Rest Area in Virginia. I purchased a wonderful piece at the shop. I was interested in another if possible. Bob Estep called me after I left a message on the number listed on your card.

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