My Journey – My Mentors

Flintknapping has been defined as the process of making lithic tools by striking a hammer stone or antler against another stone.  Through controlled strikes, flakes of stone fall away until the desired tool is formed and complete.

More commonly seen are points (arrowheads), scrapers, blades, and the like, which were traditionally used by prehistoric cultures through the world.

Flintknapping Tools and FlakesOver 20 years ago, my dear friend, Clark Sams, introduced me to the art of flintknapping, and patiently taught me the precise skills needed to be proficient in primitive skills. Soon, thereafter, I had the pleasure of working and studying with, Dr. Errett Callahan, internationally known as a primitive skills technologist and master flintknapper.  In addition to being extremely knowledgeable in all hands-on primitive skills, Dr. Callahan also founded The Society of Primitive Technology.  I am indebted to these two men, along with several other traditional knappers and educators, who have openly shared their knowledge and techniques with me.

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