Plan a Visit to theTanasi Arts & Heritage Center……..

Located in Unicoi, Tennessee off Exit 32 on I-26, the Tanasi Arts and Heritage Center features an array of unique and beautiful handcrafted items created by regional artists.

Below are images of a few items Bob has for sale at Tanasi.  Additionally, you can find my naturally dyed yarns and copies of my book, Roan Mountain: History of an Appalachian Treasure in their gift shop.


Arrowhead necklaces at Tanasi 50Flint-knapped point (left) made from Flint Ridge flint from Ohio; Point on right knapped from Novaculite from Arkansas.   Both necklaces are hafted on cedar shafts, glued with pine pitch, and wrapped with backstrap deer sinew.   The cord is jute and B50 bow string material corded with a Flemish twist.

Tomahawk at Tanasi 50 Tomahawk blade made from Keokuk chert from Oklahoma, hafted on a cedar handle, wrapped with rawhide and decorated with grouse tail feathers and wild turkey wing bone beads.

Arrows - at Tanasi 50 Primitive arrows with helical fletching made from wild turkey wing feathers.  Shafts are made from sourwood and knapped points are jasper from Nevada.  All fletching and arrowheads are secured with backstrap deer sinew and glued with pine pitch.

Naturally Dyed Yarn 50Naturally Dyed Wool – processed over an open fire in an iron pot and kept at a low simmer for approximately 5 hours.  The lavender yarn is dyed with Cochineal and the golden yarn with Osage Orange.

Interested in finding out more about Tanasi?

Visit them online at

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