A sneak peak at a beautiful hike on the balds – June 13, 2015

Green Alder

Green Alder

Houstonia serpyllifolia 2 25Houstonia serpyllifolia – Thymed-leaved bluets

Low bush blueberry in bloom  50Low Bush Blueberry

Rhododendron on TN side of Round Bald 50Rhododendron catawbiense in bloom on Round Bald

From Roan looking into the Black Mountains towards Mt. Mitchell 50Looking towards Mt. Mitchell and the Black Mountains from Round Bald

(Carver’s Gap down the mountain to the right)

Flame Azalea North Carolina side of Round Bald 25Flame Azalea looking into North Carolina

Gray's Lily in bud 25The Endangered Gray’s Lily in bud

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