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Roan Mountain Primitives represents our love of culture and the natural world that supports all living things.

Our goal is to learn the traditional skills of our ancestors and to recreate the tools and items that were necessary for survival.   We also strive to create and demonstrate the art of making items that brought beauty and comfort to the lives of people struggling to survive in earlier times.

Primitive tools, flintknapped stone, pit fired pottery, wool yarn dyed using Appalachian plant species or historic dye products, and Handwoven items make up many of the pages of Roan Mountain Primitives. Every handcrafted item is unique and crafted using the traditional methods and tools of our ancestors.

In addition, our pages will grow with stories and oodles of information on these intriguing topics!

Our work is created with an appreciation of the natural world and the marvelous connections amongst living things.  Conservation and preservation of our natural resources guide us as we plan our approach to replicating historic methods of our crafts.

If you are looking for an educational, interpretive program or demonstration? Send us an email via our Contact Us link!


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  1. Hi,

    I’m looking for a source of mature indigofera dye plants. I know it’s a long shot at this time of year. However, I would appreciate if you could pass along any information you might have on where I might find mature plants at this time of year.

    Thank you for your help!

    Debie Moll

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